The Mother Road

Hi all,

We are going back to 1926 to 1985. Route 66 is The Mother Road itself. Many dreams, many failures, many people passed that road in many many years. Starting from Chicago,IL to Santa Monica,CA almost 3940km which is 2400 miles all the way East to West across the USA.

Why I did that? As a documentary photographer which is my main subject always be humanity. Actually IMHO The Mother Road build the whole culture of USA. Because people travelled east to west to looking new opportunities, dreams, job, finding a new home. In the meantime people shared all of their culture, history, happiness, sadness, each other and unite as one. I tried to show America’s diversities are actually America’s most beautiful and unifying aspects.

Ride With me

The Mother Road collectors will be able to experience the road with me on certain parts of the road. For example, you can watch the video on the side with VR Glasses or look at other parts of the road with the mouse.